• Performance Guest Announcement: Likely Vain

    Likely Vain is a brother and sister DJ duo based in Raleigh, NC. Formed in 2023 they set out to provide high energy shows and bring the best vibes everywhere they go. With a vibrant mix of Bass house to Dubstep there is something for everyone at a Likely Vain show!

  • Panelist Guest Announcement: The Manly Battleships

    The Manly Battleships® are a group of fun-loving guys and gals that have formed the greatest programming group on the east coast convention circuit. Veteran panelists combine their powers with a circle of long time con-goers, otaku, and deviants to form the new titan at the front of the con scene. The Fleet’s arsenal offers a lot of a lot, and a little of everything! From the “stay fun” academic to over-the-top panels; high quality times are to be had under the Fleet’s banner. No matter your pleasure, there’s a Manly Battleships® event that’s right for you!

    Website | Facebook

  • Panelist Guest Announcement: Paradox Panels

    Paradox Panels is a group of weirdos from North Carolina who host panels up and down the East Coast. Paradox has been presenting quality panels on anime, k-pop, adult content, and more since 2018.

  • Performance Guest Announcement: Huskie

    Huskie, born Dustin Jenkins, is a 29-year-old future riddim and free form bass-inspired music artist hailing from Columbia, SC. Known for Experimental bass and Dubstep, Huskie is making waves in the music scene with his distinctive sound and captivating performances.

    In 2023, Huskie made his mark with the debut single titled “Fresh Outta Patience.” The single garnered attention for its unique voiceline and marked Huskie’s breakthrough in the industry. 

    With a signature style that seamlessly blends Free Form Bass with Riddim and dubstep using thought-provoking lyrics, and energetic beats, Huskie continues to push artistic boundaries. Fans appreciate his ability to Freestyle and bring something new and interesting to every set he plays.

  • Guest Announcement: Corina Boettger

    Corina Boettger is a Non-binary professional actor for over 20 years starting as a child in theater/on-
    camera and now working in the voice over world. They can be heard has Paimon in Genshin Impact, Tornado in One Punch Man, Naphula in Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun, Mizuki in Ai: The
    Somnium Files, Sailor Tin Nyanko in Sailor Moon, Somali in Somali and the Forest Spirit, Marshtato Mary in DreamWorks’ Trollstopia and much more. You may also recognize their face as they have guest
    starred and co-starred on shows like My Name is Earl, Glee, Shameless, Desperate Housewives and
    more. They are an advocate for health care as Corina has Crohn’s disease & Autism and wants to be an
    advocate for others who are similar that want to become a part of the industry.

  • Guest Announcement: Tom Fahn

    Originally from Huntington, NY, Tom and his family are now based in Los Angeles – though he loves going back to visit NY whenever possible! He’s best known as the voice of Agumon in the TV series Digimon: Digital Monsters and he recently reprised the role in the Digimon Adventure Tri movies and Video Game! Other credits include Brigand Boss in both Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia, and Fire Emblem Heroes, as well as Edens Zero, Cells at Work Code Black, God of War, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, and Cowboy Bebop.

  • Guest Announcement: Dorothy Fahn

    Dorothy is a native of southern California who began her career as a stage and on-camera actress, specializing in musicals… and commercials with no dialog!

    Since then she has lent her voice to hundreds of Anime, Video Games, ADR, and Animation titles! Some of which are Mercedes and Rinea in Fire Emblem, Konan in Naruto, Kie Kamado in Demon Slayer, Meryl in Trigun, Ms. Bustier in Miraculous Ladybug, Lillymon-Rosemon and lots of other ‘mons’ in Digimon, and Chihiro, Sayaka & Tsumugi in Danganronpa!

  • Panelist Guest Announcement: The Chalk Twins

    An extraordinary pair of artists, the Chalk Twins are renowned for their chalk murals of epic proportions. Traveling the world in pursuit of artistic mastery, they are a regular installment at conventions and events across the country where they produce massive chalk masterpieces live. The Chalk Twins are truth in advertising – they are twins, and they work together with soft pastel chalk. When you see them, we encourage you to get down low and talk to them. They would be glad to answer questions and talk about art, geeky stuff, twin stuff – whatever you like. They don’t bite. We promise.

    Follow them on their adventures across the country and around the world on Twitter or Instagram @chalktwins. Like them on Facebookbuy prints and originals online at their Online Store.